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Stillwater Fasteners

A Division of Triem Industries

Stillwater Fasteners, is a U.S. based company originally founded in 1948. Well respected in the industry and known as a pioneer in cold headed stainless steel fastener manufacturing, Stillwater Fasteners is a preeminent quality manufacturer of corrosion resistant specialty and standard screws.

In 2005, Stillwater Fasteners was acquired by Triem Industries. The combined skills, manufacturing prowess and product knowledge of Stillwater and Triem has allowed the company to grow product offering, capacity, and provide more options to its customers.

Stillwater Fasteners

Stillwater Product Specialties

  • Captive screws

  • Cone, dog and header points

  • One way slots

  • Frearson, 6-Lobe, Square & Pozidriv®

  • Combination drives

  • Weld studs

  • Shaved phillips fillister heads

  • External and internal SEMS

  • Roll thread wood screws

  • Knurled shoulders

  • Tight tolerances and odd lengths

  • Special heads

  • Sawed or struck slots

  • Solid rivets

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