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Triem Industries

Building on the foundation of an established family fastener manufacturer business, Triem was founded by three members of the Mola family in 1996 to address the need for a better source of quality fasteners. Triem is a privately held company that exemplifies the dedication, integrity and values of a proud American based manufacturer.

It is ​with great pride that Triem works with customers, suppliers and employees to deliver the highest quality products and customer experience.

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In 2005 Triem acquired Stillwater Fasteners, a company founded in 1948 and known as the pioneer in cold headed stainless steel fastener manufacturing. This combination of skills and product diversity has allowed Triem to grow its product offering and customer base into even more industries.

About Triem Industries
Our Owners

Our Owners

Doug Mola, Sales & Marketing

Doug is eager to help you find or design the perfect fastener for your specific application. Whether you are looking for a particular strength, unique size, material or miliary part, Doug will walk you through the process by either using your existing drawings, an existing part or designing from scratch.

Robert Mola, Operations

Robert is an expert in fabrication and product design. Robert and Doug often team up to review your requirements to design the best solution for your specific application needs.

Lea Mola, Finance

A product expert in her own right, Lea is here to also help answer any questions related to your order, shipping, receiving and account information.

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