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Cold Heading Process

Triem uses cold heading and forming methods to shape metal in progressive stages. A blank is cut from a wire coil where impact and dies form the final part shape, allowing a variety of sizes and material options.

This method creates a smooth surface, tightened tolerances and a strengthened part because the material is not weakened during the process.

Custom Orders

Custom Orders

Triem will work with you to understand your needs and recommend the product that best fits your application and specific requirements. Should a custom part be necessary, Triem experts will work with your existing prints, analyze an existing part (even from another process) or create a part from scratch.

Secondary Processes include;

  • Head Slotting

  • Shank Slotting

  • Captivating

  • Point Shaving

  • Head Drilling

  • Drilling and Tapping

  • Hand Feed Roll Threading

  • Grooves (Roll Formed or Machined)

  • Pinch Pointing


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