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Supporting Military Needs

Triem division Cage Code is: 63TA9

Stillwater division Cage Code is: 1Y153

Our manufacturers logos are registered with the

United States Department of Defense and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Triem Industries and Stillwater Fasteners military parts are fabricated to MS specifications with various materials or finishes, and are available in multiple diameters and lengths. 

  • Sizes range from 0-80 through 1/2-20

  • Lengths up to 4 1/8 inches

  • Materials include aluminum, nickel copper 400, brass, silicon bronze, stainless steel, carbon steel and alloys

Contact us for our complete list of material and length options


Qualified Suppliers List (QSL) Program

Class 2 Threaded Fasteners

Military Support

Military Parts List:

  • MS 24693 100° Phillips flat machine screws

  • MS 35307 Hex cap screws, coarse thread

  • MS 35308 Hex cap screws, fine threads

  • MS 51849 Indented slotted hex machine screws

  • MS 51850 Indented slotted hex AB sheet metal screws

  • MS 51861 Phillips pan AB sheet metal screws

  • MS 51862 Phillips flat AB sheet metal screws

  • MS 51896 Phillips pan captive machine screws

  • MS 51957 Phillips pan machine screws, coarse threads

  • MS 51958 Phillips pan machine screws, fine threads

  • MS 51959 Phillips flat machine screws, coarse threads

  • MS 51960 Phillips flat machine screws, fine threads

  • J2596, J2295, J2484

  • Contact us for other available military specs

Need More Details? Speak to a Specialist

We will assist with your military parts questions.

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